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Cleaning Service 

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Lean back & relax 

Due to the sheer variety in the renovation market ,what is on offer has become very confusing and complicated to the new homeowner. 

3D design is a fast and efficient way to get involed in every part design process.when our inhouse designer actually design with you ,the client-and present other ,diferent or better option-you'll be better equipped to make informed decisions on a design that's perfect for you . 

We offer often site visits to all of our projects as we view them as a key part of the progress and success of a project .ensure that the framing is being installed in accordance with the discussion.This is important to avoid any long-term building issues . 

Allow you to define each room,its design and size within the gaps of the grill , location for the switch , lighting point . It's much easier and affordable to make changes at this stage than once constuction has begun . 

No matter how well you plan ,surprises are inevitable during construction, updated quotation help cut down on additonal changes during construction work.your project likely to stay on your budget . 

During the reno progress, fine dust particular will be created when we drill holes , hack walls or do up flooring , light ,doors and glass window.we help all cleaning up after revamp of your house with our pro cleaners.

We will protecting the floor that leads from the work area to the outdoors is a no-brainer.and the paths less traveled .

The good news is , you are already one step closer to your dream house with this renovation service in hand.All you need now is to grab that cup of coffee and lean back ,relax and let the picture do the talking